July 21, 2014

June 9, 2014 the Historical Society of Amherst, NH holds its annual summer meeting and get together at the Wigwam Museum on Middle Street. 

The hospitality table with refreshments.

The foyer where guests were greeted by society officers.

The garden in the back of the museum as guests gather around the stone that town blacksmiths used for years to shape wagon wheels.

Members gather at the front of the museum to honor former member Harold Struss. 

Former Society president Janice McDermott addresses the crowd, telling us of Harold's very important role with the society and his nurturing guidance. Standing with Janice are Harolds wife, Bonnie Struss and their daughter Janet.

Janet Struss placing a placard by the Japanese Maple planted in Harolds memory. Bonnie and Harold Struss were former curators of the Wigwam Museum and shared the 1999 Lions Club, Citizen of the Year award.

Current president Dave Clark standing with past president Janice McDermott by the Society's Concord Coach inside the Wigwam.

Dave Clark addressing the membership as he tells us of our current position and describes future plans. Amherst is fortunate to field a large and interesting membership and is always looking for new citizens to contribute towards our success.

July 20, 2014

A little Wigwam Maintenance.

The shutters on the Wigwam have been looking a little sad for sometime now, so a couple of volunteers decided to do something about that.

The north facing shutters, seen here, had become leaf catchers, home to many wasps nests and rusted into position at their hinges. With the buildings worst exposure to weather, they've faded badly and needed attention.

The north wall with the shutters removed.

Packed up and headed out for a little cleaning and paint.

 Lined up and ready to face the power washer.

Once power washed they we're scraped, primed and painted.

Here's the south wall with the shutters refurbished and replaced. They're painted a dark green, a little greener than this photo might suggest. The northern wall shutters will be returned to position shortly.

The shutters on the north wall have now been refurbished and replaced.

We've removed the lower shutters from the front of the building and will clean, scrape and paint them shortly, we just need to find a long enough ladder to reach the second story windows.

We found one; now we need a volunteer to climb it!

We found one of those too.

Stopped by the Wigwam on 8/21/14 to find the Amherst Painting Company scraping and painting. The front shutters will be re-installed tomorrow on the building.

It's a beautiful day, 8/23/14, the Amherst Painters have completed their work as have the people who refurbished the shutters. You might notice that we're missing two though. That's in the works too. A little cosmetic work during the summer of 2014 and the building is looking much sharper.

The Wigwam,  during the Parker family reunion in 1920.